5 Tips to Help Authors Find Their Voice

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

microphone-1428971-mToday’s post is all about the process of finding your voice as an author: what IS that process? How does it work? Does it work the same for everyone?

Well, I definitely don’t think the process unfolds the same way for each of us. And even those of us who progress in more or less the same steps do things differently. We need more time here or there; we pick up one thing pretty quickly but struggle with others.

Every writer has a unique voice, because every writer, every person, is unique. That’s not big news.

I like to ask writers “Are you a Hemingway or a Faulkner,” as a shorthand way to classify the two major TYPES of style, simple and minimalistic versus more ornate. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a myriad of possibilities to individualize your writing, no matter where you fall on the spectrum or…

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