Writing for an e-newsletter

Kathy Vogler Markets

I’ve been hosting a monthly e-newsletter for the IT team since 2006.  Anyone who’s tried to put together a newsletter soon realizes that content is a lot harder to come by than you think.  Most people probably give up after 3 or 4 issues out.  It’s not as simple as telling other people “create copy by this date” and then expecting it to all come together.

Here are some very simple guidelines to follow that will help:

* create a schedule of topic ideas for at least a year in advance

* track the content you have actually published so you don’t duplicate articles or topics

* be consistent on your delivery dates … if it’s always the first week of the month, make sure it happens then so your readers know its coming as promised

* keep a file of articles that pertain to upcoming topics

* don’t mess…

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